Events are changing rapidly as the light filters through to the hearts and minds of all souls on earth. The latest influxes of light resonance are very powerful and are engaging with humanity in a way that is unprecedented. The light source resonates with their innate, and inner knowing, which has been dormant and turned away from, as the non-light forces have turned souls away from their light love essence to duality, separation and non-love.

This tide has been turning, and as more souls recognise the truth and depth of the situation on their home planet, they are awakening to the possibility of change for the betterment of all, and Mother Earth, and all living beings.
In this way more energy is being added to the whole as souls are seeking, reading, hearing more about the true situation, and the energy behind the movements to rectify balance and harmony with all things.

And many souls have worked tirelessly over eons of time for this auspicious time on earth, and souls are beginning to recognise their value and appreciate their dedication, and accept that changes must be made.
As souls realise that the younger generation are facing a bleak future without change so grandparents and parents alike are getting involved and taking part.
Organisations from all quarters are getting involved in taking action and enforcing opinions publicly for action to be taken.
Cities and states/countries are taking decisive action in a way that is taking back local control on decisions, as they are not controlled by large corporations whose short-sighted view of profit at all costs, is behind much of the problem.
This encourages people that action is possible, and is ‘of the moment’ to create change.

This slow wave of movement is gaining energy and momentum at an increasingly potent rate, and more changes are coming through for people to make it easier to implement changes themselves.
This is also part of the wave of change from materialism to heart-centred action as people begin to consume less, are more conscious of what they purchase, how it is produced, what impact does it have on the environment, and is it actually necessary, or can it be bought 2nd hand, shared or borrowed.
All of these contribute to discussion, comment, action, working in neighbourhoods where people have not spoken to their neighbours before, and locally led decision making for the greatest good of all. In becoming more heart-centred, and collectively conscious of purchasing, and of sharing ideas and goods, so the collective consciousness grows, the energy for this then increases.

For all is energy, all is oneness, and this coming together in a common desire to protect the earth, to secure a better future for our younger generation, provides the opportunity for togetherness in a big- hearted way of love, harmony, peace, acceptance of all souls, and joy at the beauty of Mother Earth, and seeing her as a living being who provides this opportunity for life on earth.
This energy also opens the hearts and minds of more souls to consider the bigger picture, to consider the reason for this planet to exist, for humanity to survive and experience life on earth, and in this way the new era of peace and harmony will evolve and expand in alignment with the blueprint for life on earth.
And we thank all souls who, over their many lifetimes, have held this blueprint in their hearts, who have survived all manner of experiences designed to deter them from this path. Who have lovingly, and with determination, held the truth and the light in a myriad ways to create the energy now being evidenced for this change in the hearts and minds of all souls, to co-create this life on earth for the highest and greatest good of all.
Thank you beloveds thank you.

Communicated by The Crystal Team via Lindsay Ball and shared with love and blessings
June 2019

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