The Magic Begins
Influx of new light energies in July

Beloveds, we have spoken on many occasions, and many levels, about the coming events, and how when all is in alignment everything falls into place with ease and grace.
And this cannot, and does not, happen without each of you creating the energies for the alignment to occur. Sometimes it is a personal matter where you have set in motion the energies for maybe a change in lifestyle, and with raising your own energies and setting the intention for change, an alignment occurs when all factors are in place and the opportunity presents itself, and sometimes it does feel like magic.
And this is indeed what we have tried to explain to you all, and what you are now experiencing, and are marvelling at the beauty, and synchronicity of it all.
Those occurrences will speed up, and become more familiar and frequent, as the energies raise, and as you raise your energies and perceptions.
These next few days will see an increase in the influx of light energies to planet earth and so increase the frequencies. As the consciousness of the awakened souls raises so this raises that of the just awakening souls who will understand more clearly what is occurring, and will become more actively involved in the actions to bring balance and harmony for Mother Earth, and all humanity
Those on their path for some time will feel an increased sense of excitement that all that which has been foretold will continue to accelerate in pace. Much has been unfolding for eons although not all recognisable to the human perception. It has been filtering through which has helped support the unfolding of the blueprint for earth, and more has become established in the mainstream.

All will be bought into the light

With new influxes of light it will be increasingly harder for those who are not in alignment to continue to hold sway over others as the light is increasing to unprecedented levels on earth. Naysayers will not be believed and evidence in their support will be unsubstantiated. The light is too bright and too powerful to be put back in the box, and the light force will gain momentum to new levels of consciousness which will reveal more of the misalignments and miscreations which have held court for too long.
Whistleblowers will be listened to, the media will get behind the truth, nothing will be hidden, and all will be bought into the light. Much will be revealed and some will surprise even those enlightened souls with more than expected delights.
We have said before the tide is gaining momentum. We have indicated the will of the people is gaining momentum for the truth, for justice, for clarity, for action for the good of all, and Mother Earth and this will be happening from surprising quarters and powerful souls who have been awaiting this time.
So balance yourselves as the influxes of light are received, as lunar activity occurs, as the stars shine on earth, be grounded, thankful and happy as the next stage of co-creation towards the new era begins.
We thank you beloveds, we thank you.

shared with love and blessings from The Crystal Team via Lindsay Ball

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