The Lemurian Way of Harmony and Rightfulness

We mention previously the Wheel of Life and the 5 spokes all relating to different subjects although these subjects overlap as all is one and connected to all things.
For all children were taught from an early age the inter-related and inter-dependent nature of life and they grasped this concept early on, and it was natural to them.
As they evolved they saw this concept borne out in all ways around them, through communication, through connections to the animals, to nature, to the stars and moon, and to all community aspects of life. So this consistency supported their evolution and developed as a constant thread throughout their lives, and one which was expanded on as their understanding grew.
They also understood the relationships between adult, parent, child, and how these evolved as they witnessed the relationships around them. All generations were involved in the community, and all had attended the same experiences of wisdom and knowledge passed down through the generations.

Conversations between family members, between communities, between all those in the community held dear to the same principles of right relations between their peers, and between the generations. Respect was shown to the elders who had lived longer, and had more experiences to share, and more personal experiences to draw on. They were given pride of place in acknowledgement of this although there was not a hierarchical element, just a respectful one.
Children understood their role of understanding and integrating the teachings so as to become soul-full members of the community, and uphold the principles of life within that community. Additionally they enjoyed the teachings which were light and joyful, and each teaching was anticipated with happiness and desire to learn more.

The wish to learn and understand was part of their nature, as they witnessed the elders and their parents discussing and delighting in stories and shared experiences together, and would look forward to being able to join these occasions.
Mothers enjoyed being part of the process of sharing and attending the teaching’s, and would be on hand as necessary to support this. It was all done joyfully, respectfully, and in the spirit of the Lemurian way of harmony and rightfulness.

At a later stage other subjects could be introduced to support their individual desire to learn more on special subjects, or those more suited to their future role within the community. Ceremonies were frequently held to celebrate the passing of another stage of understanding and they were happy occasions attended by all the community.
Individual time was encouraged to discover and integrate all wisdoms, and time given for understanding some roles within the community, helping with food preparation, and daily tasks as necessary.

The Lemurians lived very lightly on the planet and left little evidence, as yet discovered, to reveal more about their time here. The time is right now for these teachings to be revealed as life on earth is changing, and souls are awakening to the oneness of all life, and the necessity to respect Mother Earth and take care of her needs, and make changes accordingly.
And we hope that the energy and wisdoms of these teachings may support those who it resonates with to understand, and integrate, some of the great wisdoms from this time for the highest and greatest good of all.
Amen beloveds till time again.

Communicated by The Crystal Team via Lindsay Ball and shared with love and blessings.

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