Beloveds we are delighted to share further insights into the teachings of Lemuria, and having set the scene as it were for how this occurred, we will share more on the teachings themselves.

It was important for young children, from an early age, to understand the concept of oneness, for this was the basis of all teachings, and was a fundamental part of their way of life. They understood that they were part of the earth as the earth was part of them.

They understood that although an individual spark of light experiencing a physical life on the planet, they were all sparks of light joined in oneness of All That Is.

They understood that the earth was a separate planet, or energy source, and was also part of the oneness that existed within the universal energies. And so their vision, their thoughts, and way of life were founded on these principles.

Therefore they respected all people, all living beings, Mother Earth, and the outer reaches of the universe, and accepted that if they hurt any part or person they were also hurting themselves, and so aspired to remain in balance and harmony so as not to act out of balance.

love and understanding

For younger children growing up and evolving in this experience, they learnt respect, consideration, compassion, gratitude, and love for all things, which is not to say their behaviour was not without its issues but observing the life around them gave them a good example of what was expected, and how to act and evolve.

The loving energies; the love of life, the love of Mother Earth, of nature, of animals, of each other, and this experience of life, created a totally supportive foundation for their evolvement. Any actions out of balance were adjusted through discussion and healing, and recommendations for alternative actions given.

When the whole ethos is love and understanding, compassion and gratitude, it creates an atmosphere of joy and delight, and allows for awe, and wonder, in the community.

awareness and understanding

Respect for ceremonies, offering love and gratitude to Mother Earth for all she provided for them, was an integral part of their beingness, and joy, and delight in taking part in these events was always evident. As the children evolved so they took greater parts in the ceremonies, and this was an honouring of their greater understanding, and integration, of all the teachings.

As they evolved, their understanding of the fundamental principles increased and added to their overall awareness and understanding, and this would be reinforced within the community as parents and community members would spend time with the young souls discussing and sharing their personal experiences, and listening to the learning’s of the children.

Such was the community life, and how it was established, that the significance of these teachings was of the highest importance, and therefore time was always given to discuss, listen, and share stories and experiences.

the bigger picture

Finances, monies, possessions, acquisitions were of no significance to the Lemurians so the energy was light, creative, gentle, loving and compassionate.
An understanding of the bigger picture also appeared in discussions regularly; as the skies were clear, and the stars and moon were looked at with joy, respect and curiosity as part of the oneness of All That Is, and many stories and ceremonies honoured this connection.

Again new levels of understanding would be reached as the children’s capacity to expand their consciousness opened.

the oneness of All That Is

Being part of the community, helping with daily tasks, growing and preparing food, tending animals, tending Mother Earth’s needs, and general community tasks helped the children to feel part of their community and understand, and integrate, more of the teachings in their daily lives. The teachings were not a separate subject as taught in modern day schools, but were related to their everyday lives to be incorporated in activities, family time, community time, and personal awareness.

The growth of the soul, and the integration of the teachings, was paramount to their way of life whilst being part of the oneness of All That Is.

The gentle, loving energies created a strong foundation for the exploration of life on earth in a physical form and being part of the universal energies of Source, the Great Provider, the God of all.

We hope you enjoy these insights and connect to the beautiful essence of life in Lemuria, till time again, beloveds adieu.

The Crystal Team through Lindsay Ball share this message with love and blessings.

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