Reconnect with your True Essence – a loving message from Mission for Peace crystal skull

Dear beloveds, as my name and title suggest, my energies are concerned with peace, and this is the focus of my being. Peace encompasses many aspects of life on the human plane, and begins with peace within oneself.
When you are at peace beloveds, in the moment of newness where all else is suspended in time and you are feeling at one with all things, this glorious energy of peace radiates through your being in the most wonderful way.
Imagine that every moment you are able to stop in your busy schedule, relax and breathe in this sense of calmness, oneness, love for all life, and Mother Earth, you have reconnected to your true essence, to your oneness with All That Is, and shine your light for the benefit of all others out and into the beyond.

For your physical being, it has time to stop and readjust, to relax those tired muscles, to lower the heart rate, to reconnect yourself to the loving energy of Mother Earth.
To recharge your batteries, to reconnect with your true essence, and to bring peace to your beingness; this creates healing and peace, and is of great benefit whenever you reconnect in this way.

If you choose to add a crystal or crystal skull into the mix, you are adding enormous amounts of extra energy. The crystal energies link to your own crystalline essence, they link to the crystalline grid and link to the crystal energies within Mother Earth.
In this way the resonance of the crystal energies resonates within your being, strengthening the connection to all that is, and the oneness of all things.

My essence is that of clear quartz which is also known as the Master Healer crystal. I am pure in colour vibration and clear in essence; this magnifies the clarity of energy with the crystalline energy of your physicality, and strengthens the energy of peace and calmness, tranquillity and well-being.
Thus holding a crystal or crystal skull in those moments of silence and calmness generates greater energies of peace for yourself, and all others, and is of great benefit. Crystal skull energies add greater dimensions owing to our personality energies, and our intention of existence within this crystal form.

In creating this special energy, and intention, it creates a more powerful energy to direct with loving intention for transference to Mother Earth, or other on-going situations occurring in planet earth to raise the energies of all towards the co-creation of a new way of being, a new way of living in peace, harmony, joy, love, equality, sustainability, co-operation with Mother Earth, and all living beings as ordained in the blueprint for earth.

We love you, honour you, thank you, and enjoy working with you, to co-create the new era of peace, and harmony, and oneness with all things.
Amen till time again.

shared with love and blessings

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