Welcome to this website offering insights on the changes happening in our world as we move forward into the new way of life on Earth, Nova Earth, in unity consciousness, heart-centred love for all humanity and decisions made from the heart for the highest and greatest good of all.

Infinity Breathing

Infinity breathing is another gift from God, another tool in your tool box, if you will, to align you with the oneness of all things, to align your body and soul as one, and to bring your body to loving balance, and open your heart and mind to the love and wisdoms available to you. This gift,...

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Light Codes

Light Codes – enjoy these latest insights – shared with love and blessings….. Light Codes, along with light language, are all aspects demonstrating the furtherance of humanity in raising the levels of consciousness at this time. As with all things, they do exist, but until humans...

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Light Language

Light Language – an exciting and revealing part of your awareness beloveds Beloveds as your expansion continues to the unity collectiveness of all energy, to the overall understanding of oneness and love, so too your communication will adapt to this new understanding. For the image of oneness over...

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Be-ing a Multi-dimensional Being

Be-ing a Multi-dimensional Being. As always beloveds, it is our joy to share any insights which may be of help to you in these auspicious times, and being a multi-dimensional being is another stage in your evolvement. In that you have always been a multi-dimensional being and more than that and as...

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Co-creating a More Compassionate World Within and Without

Co-creating a More Compassionate World Within and Without Beloveds, it is our joy as always to share our thoughts and insights with you. Dear ones, the words and energies of the subject of compassion are varied and different to different people and yet the end result is always the same. By being...

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Whales and Dolphins – Raising the Collective Consciousness

Whales, Dolphins and all Divine Beings – Raising the Collective Consciousness Beloveds we are always delighted to share our insights with you as your consciousness expands to new capabilities. This can only occur as you are working so diligently and delightfully to open your heart centres to the...

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