Sharing this beautiful message from Mission for Peace crystal skull ….. enjoy!

Beloveds, feel into your hearts for the place of peace, feel deeply into that space where peace resides in its silence, its beauty and its glory. Feel the sense of calm it brings, feel the sense of potential that arises from a place of calmness serenity and love.

Feel the connection through my crystalline essence of the love that Mother Earth has for you, and the gifts she has bestowed on you, and the beauty of her physicality.

Sense the connection to all things crystalline, your own crystalline essence, that within the earth, and that which surrounds us through the crystalline grid, and the crystalline essence of all things.

Sit and breathe in the energy, this love that is available to you as part of the oneness of All That Is, feel the sense of tranquillity in your physical being and reconnect often to this beautiful sacred energy whenever you feel drawn to. With our beloved blessings for you all Amen.

shared with love and blessings

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