The Lemurian experience was a very special time on earth and much can be learnt and integrated from this time.
This differed from the Atlantean time in as much as the Lemurians were of a lighter energy, left little imprint on the earth, and did not use the technology favoured by Atlanteans.
There are however many similarities in information and general approach to life on earth which can be carried forward into modern times, and especially as we move towards creating Nova Earth, and a time for peace on earth.
In reflecting on their acknowledgement of the love of God for all humanity, the oneness with All That Is, and the love of co-creating life with Mother Earth, and tending to the planet and all life forms with love, respect, honour and gratitude, we can bring forward these loving energies to assist our understanding and joy in the unfolding of the Divine Plan for all on earth.
And in doing this have greater clarity on the role that we as individuals can play in the creating of this time of peace, joy, fulfilment, equality, and love, for all living beings and Mother Earth.

The Wheel of Life
And so beloveds we begin another chapter in our communications on the teachings of Lemuria and the relevance of the Wheel of Life.
This image portrayed of a circle with 5 spokes, and a central area, is a concept bought forward from these ancient times where education was in a different form than experienced today; an education on life, living, compassion, oneness, understanding, love, and much more, which was passed down from generation to generation; an education that never ended, but continued to be explored and shared over all generations.
And so the concept begins; the wheel or circle represents the continuation of life, never ending and no beginning.
The spokes represent segments, if you like, of communication although they are all part of the oneness of All That Is.
The different subjects helped to make the information accessible and expansive linking to each other section and joining in the centre to form the hub or the point of oneness and connection to the cosmic energies. This was called the Central Sun.
The spokes create 6 different sections, and as with no beginning and no ending, there was no hierarchy of subject or learning points, nor a hierarchy of teachers to listeners. The elders would walk around the circle and sit at the relevant section as appropriate.
learning and discovering
As fathers were the providers (hunter gatherers), the mothers sat with the children until the age of 13, and both boys and girls attended. After the age of 13 there was more focussed attention paid in different groups at different times, in different subjects, relevant to the nature of the souls involved, their interests, aptitudes, and soul mission.
All designed to support their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health (although not seen in those separate terms) but for their overall well-being and development.
The mothers enjoyed being part of the time spent with their children, re-living their time of learning and discovering, and being able to relate to and discuss with them all that the children were being introduced to. This enhanced the bond between them and within the family, and any events which occurred outside of the Circle time could be related back to the teachings to help them understand the situation and evolve through their childhood.
Discipline was rarely needed, as the teachings and understanding of ancient customs and story-telling created consistency for all in the community, and a greater feeling of belonging to a long-established community.
As all families integrated, other elders would support the learning facility as all were working to the same end; love, harmony, peace, and the highest and greatest good for the community, for Mother Earth, and all living beings.
cycles of life
Living in communities, and living in harmony with the cycles of life and seasons, they visibly saw the changes in nature and were at one with it so having no desire to create any imbalance or harm to any living being or Mother Earth.
This desire to be in harmony with all living beings, to love and honour Mother Earth for all she provided for them was the cornerstone of their existence and filled them with love, appreciation, gratitude, and created a very harmonious, healthy environment for generations of Lemurian souls.
Their existence was a very light-filled time, they lived lightly on the earth and their energy was of a high vibration. They enjoyed ceremonies to honour the earth, and their own evolvement, and incorporated the stars, moon and sun into their daily lives.
The Wheel of Life was a major part of their existence and was enjoyed by all, children loving to hear the stories repeated as part of their identity and evolvement, and parents to be part of this introduction to the understanding of their life on earth.

And so the sections for the Wheel of Life on earth;
The history of the Lemurians and their relation to the earth.
The Truth of all things; creation, self truth and the truth of life.
Creation in the physical sense and relating to all living beings, the plan on earth, growth evolvement, interactions and interrelations.
Cosmic flow; interactions/relations with the cosmos, as part of oneness, the story, the creation, the cycle of life.
The purpose of life; the flow of life, the cycle of life and all it pertains to.
The family; the family of God, the family of oneness, the family of living beings, the heart of life.

And these groups may be listed under other titles in other communications and we have chosen these titles as representing the energies of that which we wish to focus on; for there is so much to share, lifetimes of information, and so we must needs focus on that which is most relevant at this time, and the titles are only a nominal energy to group that which is necessary now.
So from this introduction, we will communicate and share some of these beautiful teachings and ceremonies for your understanding of this graceful, harmonious, loving time on earth, world without end, beloveds, world without end. Amen.

Communicated by The Crystal Team via Lindsay Ball and shared with love and blessings.

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