Insights from Lemuria – Celebrating Life Itself

These graceful beings enjoyed a healthy life, and a fulfilled lifestyle. Not similar to that of toady as a fulfilling life to them was one lived in tandem with the seasons, with the stars and moon, with the earth herself, and for the good of all the community.

Health and spiritual well-being were paramount so all foods were grown at the optimum seasonal time in conjunction with lunar activity.

Seasons were celebrated for the changes in Mother Earth and how these manifested in everyday life; the changing temperatures, the changing beauty to be seen in nature, the colours, the different growing seasons, the changing hours of day and night, the lunar cycle, solar patterns, and the different activities associated with these different cycles.

Can you sense the beauty of this lifestyle? Being in families, and communities, celebrating the changes, looking forward to each new season and change, and celebrating in ceremonies with Mother Earth as these changes occur.

Can you sense the beauty of that connection to Mother Earth where you sense and feel these changes, when you are so in tune with them that they are an integral part of your daily life?

Can you sense the anticipation of joining in celebrations and ceremonies to honour these changes, and discussions on how to integrate these changes into the daily lives and activities?

Can you sense how the children would grow up honouring the gifts of nature and the changes occurring on a regular basis, and look forward to the community joining together in these celebrations, and how this would become second nature to them, to honour and respect their home, planet earth?

That it would not be in their nature to do that which would harm their home, what purpose would that bring to them but disruption and unhappiness, and an imbalance in the energetic status quo.

Can you sense the gratitude among souls for these gifts to be able to celebrate life, to celebrate having an existence on this earth to further develop their consciousness, and to enjoy being part of a loving, caring community that worked together in harmony with life itself, and all living beings?

The harmony and good will created by this understanding, the oneness and love, the joy and gratitude created such a wonderful aspect of their life, and this was their motive rather than greed, acquisition, aggrandisement, and ego driven destruction which exists, in too substantial parts on earth today.

The tide is turning beloveds, the waves of change are growing stronger every day as realisation comes through awakening, and souls desire to return to a peaceful, harmonious, loving way of life in oneness with all things, and in gratitude of all the Creator’s gifts to humanity.

The seeds are inside of you beloveds, and more souls are awakening to this potential way of life (and the need for change), a way of life that supports health and well-being, self governance, appreciation of life itself, unity, oneness, heart-centred action to restore the planet to her natural state of being in harmony with all things, and for humanity to return to its loving essence and balance with all life, and so it is beloveds, and so it is.


Shared by Lindsay and The Crystal Team with love and blessings



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