Beloveds our message for you today comes from a different energy space than before, as another marker of progress has been reached.

You will read in many messages of the upgraded energies through many sources, of the crashing timelines, the effects this is having on your physicality, and the progress or markers of certain dates in your timeframe where energies raise by sufficient to reach a new level.

So what does this mean? Well beloveds it means congratulations are sent to you all for your terrific determination, action and thoughts to crystallise these opportunities for growth and expansion.

It means that things will not be the same as before, and positive changes will occur. For in this new energy the old thought patterns and old ways will not work, and this can cause confusion as you move through the energetic changes. And this is of great excitement for us as it allows us to work more closely with you, and to offer new ways of being and moving forward.

In the new energies it is about ‘feeling your way’, what feels right, what is your inner guidance directing you toward? The old agendas and directions no longer work so by changing and listening to your inner guidance as to what feels right, you will move forward in the flow of greater light.

What foods feel right to eat now, do you feel you need more of a plant based diet? Does it feel right to have locally grown or organic vegetables/fruit, does it feel right to eat less processed foods, eat more varieties of foods, to cook from home ingredients than more takeaways? Explore these ideas; see how you feel about products when you are shopping, what is your body requesting, and everybody will be different?

Does it feel right to take up swimming for example, to exercise in water, to enjoy the feel of swimming and its benefits, does it feel right to get more rest or sleep more? Does is feel right to spend more time in nature and meditation, or join a new group with like-minded people?

How does your life feel, do you feel you would like to make any changes to support you in your growth and understanding?

And there is no rush in this it is just something to be aware of as these new energies continue to grow.

Being led by what feels right makes your link deeper and stronger to your inner knowing, and reduces the likelihood of striving or aiming for something for the wrong reasons, reasons set by others, society, conditioning or whatever, which may not be a match for you.

Our channel in this message is also experiencing the change in this way and is feeling the benefits and sense of freedom which arises from this shift in perspective.

And again there may be adjustments needed, no hasty decisions need be made, and due consideration given to all thoughts; however a shift in perspective will help adjust to the new energies and provide some interesting outcomes.

It does take trust to follow one’s guidance, it takes time to change old ways so be gentle with yourself, honour yourself, and smile as you notice changes emerging in your life.

We love you all beloveds. We hope you feel our love for you. Amen.


Shared by Lindsay and The Crystal Team with love and blessings

Copyright Lindsay Ball

October 2019

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