Enriching the Experience of Life on Earth – Insights from Lemuria

Dear beloveds we are delighted to share more on the teachings of Lemuria as shared and enjoyed by those living in these times. For all souls enjoyed, and looked forward to, the teachings as they enriched their experience of life on earth and fulfilled their soul’s desire for further understanding of themselves, themselves experiencing life in a physical body, and their time on earth in relation to planet earth as part of the bigger picture.

As you can sense, this multi-layered seeking and integrating of insights was vast, and learning, and understanding was constant.

This sense of continuation, of comprehension, was important on many levels, again for children first began to understand the way of things from their parents and community. This was expanded on by the beginning of age appropriate teachings from age 6 and integrated into their being by life in the community.

It helped them to understand how all was part of the oneness, and all part of a bigger picture. At age 12/13 the separation into different groups of teachings enabled their own understanding to grow, and that of life in the community, as they adopted different roles appropriate to their age and abilities, and life options.

This new understanding, and the new roles, all expanded on previous experiences and continued to grow and expand until adulthood when formal teachings ceased. However, such was their focus on spiritual awareness, and strengthening their connection to Mother Earth and the bigger picture, that they continued to enjoy discussions and teachings throughout their lives, to suit their individual interests, as well as part of the oneness.


connecting to Mother Earth


The Pleiadians were able to share such insights and experiences from their other worldly aspect, and these assisted in giving a larger overview and a very rounded concept; the Lemurians being aware that this was not their only experience of life, and that life existed on other planets.

They used meditation as a means of their own well-being, peace, connection to Mother Earth, and to ask specific questions relevant to their own quest for insights, and insights were shared within the group.

For it was also accepted that within the overall precept of their way of life each soul found their own truth and was able to express this freely and lovingly, and discussions would support their understanding, and support others in their comprehension.

These values of respect for the view of others, the ability to share and discuss from a heart-centred aspect enabled ideas to be expanded, integrated or adapted as seemed appropriate at the time. The freedom to explore these insights allowed for soul fulfilment, and joy, in the delight of sharing and discussing among their community.

The layers and multi-dimensionality of their teaching’s and learning’s provided continuous newness, and joy, to the physical experience of life on earth.

Their connection to Mother Earth grew stronger with their learning’s and they were able to work more closely with her energies for mutual benefit. Their understanding of her desires; of what she chose to experience in this incarnation, of her past experiences, of her future wishes, of the changes she has experienced in her formation; the heat processes, the cooling’s, the creation of mountains and oceans, all the different life forms, the formation of crystals, of the development of providing soil to grow crops, the movement of earth plates, and the different civilisations experienced, were all felt and sensed.


the gift of crystals


Mother Earth’s relationship to the moon, stars and constellations was sensed and garnered through this deep connection to her, and the respect they felt for her, and the trust which Mother Earth sensed with them to communicate in this way and the work with them to provide all they needed to support their existence on earth.

The crystals provided for the Lemurians were another important gift to them, for they were specially created with wisdom and knowledge to be released at appropriate times to support the relationship and communication between the Lemurian souls, and Mother Earth.

For beloveds, nothing happens by chance and all things were planned, and this gift from God and Mother Earth was appreciated, and held in great respect.

Working with the crystals enabled deeper insights into the bigger picture and consciousness of all souls, and to their love for one another and Mother Earth, and thereby God. They were also used for ceremonies, and individuals used them to gain insights into their own evolution.

And so beloveds, we begin to understand the beauty and elegance of this age, of the love, gratitude and respect for all things which contributed to this wonderful time on earth.

Adieu till time again beloveds adieu.

Shared by Lindsay and The Crystal Team with love and blessings

Copyright Lindsay Ball


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