Dear beloveds, this brief message today is to encourage you to deepen your trust and faith in the unfolding of events in the co-creation of the new way of being. And it is the beingness of awakened souls which is helping create the events you are witnessing.
Many unseen energies, and intentions of love for humanity, Mother Earth, and all living beings, have been showered onto the earth in a myriad ways thus opening the opportunities for souls to awaken into the new energies, and be their true selves.
Being in truth, being in the energies of love, compassion, oneness, making heart-centred decisions, and following your intuition, is the way forward. Linking into your own knowledge, linking into the energies being shared on earth, and merging in oneness with All That Is, are creating the changes towards creating a better, fairer world, reducing pollution, creating cleaner energy, creating a safer world for future generations.
The realisation that humans are the custodians of the earth for future generations, not the owners, will create long term plans for the well-being of all, and humanity is awakening to its power and potential to create this new way of life for all in love, gratitude, appreciation, and honouring all the gifts given to you to experience life on earth in a physical form.
The Light is shining through in stronger and more radiant ways as the collective consciousness raises to a new level.
Be aware you are never alone, and we are with you at all times beloveds, with our greatest love. Amen.

shared with love and blessings from The Crystal Team via Lindsay

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