Be Gentle and Take Time out for Yourself

Dear beloveds, we feel at this time, and it is always a joy to communicate with you, that a message of love and understanding may help to regain a balance in the events occurring on earth.

You understand that all that is happening is due to the raising of energies, the awakening of the hearts and minds of many souls to the realisation of the need to take care of and help Mother Earth, and the realisation that there is much to do and all this can be overwhelming.

Beloveds, there is much going on behind the scenes to bring more light into the world and this powerful light shines on the darker aspects of life bringing more awareness of what has been hidden from you, it has been there for a long time and you have lived under the influence of the effects of this, but now the light is shining on all that is not of the light, and many revelations will be made which will shock, and horrify people on earth.

And we can only say that this has to happen for there to be light on earth because these elements cannot exist in the light and must be bought out and cleared, cleansed, transformed, and transmuted for the energies to be optimum for the creation of the new Golden Age.

As the light quotient grows, as the light shines ever brighter and into the denser darker elements so turbulence will occur on earth.

This can seem chaotic and disastrous but consider that it is happening as more souls awaken to their role, their purpose in this life time of bringing in the light and securing peace on earth for all.

And this is possible beloveds, as the light continues to grow more powerful, and more souls awaken to the possibilities and potentialities of a new way of life on earth for all souls.

Breathe in the New Lighter Energies

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break, take a walk in nature or by water and take time out for yourself. Rebalance and focus on holding and radiating light in the way that best works for you.

There are many, many elements at work here holding and sharing the light on sustainability, biodiversity, new technologies, clearing the waters, clean energy, recycling/reusing, reducing impact on the earth, along with many organisations producing goods in line with the new energy, in line with the highest and greatest good; individuals and groups working to support those more vulnerable situations, and those bringing to light the denser energies and aspects to be bought into the light for clearance.

So take a moment to reflect on all the positive aspects occurring, breathe in the new lighter energies, give thanks for all the love and light being created in these myriad ways and acknowledge your part in this.

For the light is winning and we honour and thank all souls, who over millennia have played their part in this magnificent co-creation of the new earth, the new way of life possible on earth.

Breathe deeply into this energy, be gentle and kind to yourself and live in the joy of knowing that all is well beloveds, all is well. Amen.


Shared with love and blessings from Lindsay and The Crystal Team

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