About Lindsay

My journey in this lifetime has led to the exploration of many topics including crystals, healing modalities, understanding about life in Atlantis and Lemuria, studying with the Diana Cooper School and ultimately receiving the gift of channelled information. The beautiful energies known as The Crystal Team loving share their wisdoms and insights, and previous messages are available on lindsayball.co.uk.

This weblog is in alignment with the changing energies as the collective consciousness continues to awaken to the possibilities and potentialities of a new way of life where decisions are made for the greatest good of all, Mother Earth and all living beings. This assists in the co-creation of a life of peace, equality, harmony, sustainability, joy and creativity, which is based on heart-centred decisions and actions made with love and compassion.

It is my passion to work towards creating a better world for this and future generations, all living beings, and to honour our home and provider Mother Earth.

With love and blessings



Atlantean Crystal Master

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