Dear beloveds, we share with you today more on the facets of life that will adapt and change as the energies continue to raise in line with the Divine Plan.

And we do understand that for many souls who have worked tirelessly on this journey that it seems to be never ending. We ask you to remain optimistic and hopeful believing that all things are in hand, events which you cannot see nor comprehend but these events and changes will manifest in Divine timing for the benefit of all.

Each soul comes here on earth with their own requests to experience life on earth at this time and these reasons are many and varied, and are not all concerned with bringing in the light and the energies for the new era of peace on earth.
Many souls have not yet awakened to their soul calling on earth, and yet are beginning to be aware of changes happening, and the necessity of making those changes and are heartened by the effectiveness of people working together.
Many souls are on their soul journey and placing themselves around the world or establishing themselves in readiness for major change to occur, and many events are appearing as conflicts but are the manifestation of the desire for change, the desire to bring about a fairer more equal world for all souls and to create a healthier environment for future generations.
This awakening of the effects of a materialistic lifestyle is taking hold and a sense of responsibility is awakening in humanity, and all of this happens at the most opportune moment.

Many things are changing currently, new technologies, new ways of working with the land, a collective sense of care and responsibility for those experiencing hard times, the necessity to change habits to those which are less based on consumerism and more on care for the environment and well-being; a greater sense of collective responsibility combined with the sense of potentialities for change is an extremely potent energy which is spreading and gaining recognition within your orbit.

As all is energy, and all is possible to change, then as the collective energy raises so too does the possibility for manifestation of higher energetic resonance occur. Cities of light are beginning to form in the energetic field, these cities create the environment for a new way of living; one in a higher energy frequency where the highest and greatest good of all is at the forefront of all actions and decisions.
The energies allow for a life of creativity, of enjoyable experiences, of a harmonious and peaceful lifestyle, thus creating a much healthier way of life.

Unbalance within the physical body is rebalanced on a regular basis with a range of techniques from sound, crystals, colour and more which restore the balance of energy within the body and thus create well-being and harmony.
And this is a regular part of daily life as it is accepted as a part of loving and honouring the physical vehicle we have chosen in this lifetime. Why would we not honour and give thanks for this form which allows us to experience life on earth which we have requested to experience? Why would we not want to treasure this physical form and nurture and love and heal this amazing body that connects us to earth and allows us to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, move, be creative, be joyful and enjoy all that life has to offer? So regular rebalancing times are looked forward to and enjoyed as part of daily life. Work, the term currently used, is undertaken with honour and joy to contribute to the whole of the community and the well-being of all.

Schools as you call them exist informally to offer children and adults expansion on subjects of interest to them e.g. science, arts, healing, music, ceremonies, crystals, nutrition, earth healing, food provision, harmonising with Mother Earth, overseeing communities understanding the world around them, and many other aspects are offered throughout life to enhance expand and fulfil the souls quest in this lifetime. And in this way all souls from early ages through to adulthood, enjoy their education and expansion of consciousness and benefit both themselves and their communities.

The energies of Atlantis and Lemuria are bought through to create a foundation of knowledge and awareness that may be integrated into this new era and referred to and built on, and adapted to this new era. It is not a case of returning to a similar life as experienced in Atlantis or Lemuria but a new way in this time benefiting from the experience of those times.

A harmonious, beautiful, peaceful, creative expansive way of life is in alignment with the cities of light in potential for all humanity at this auspicious time on earth.

We hope to inspire you beloveds, to imagine in your dreams and meditations to expand on these thoughts and to create the energies form manifestation in the era of peace on earth.

Amen beloveds till time again.

Shared with love and blessings by The Crystal Team via Lindsay Ball

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